Points For Buying Office Chair
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Points For Buying Office Chair

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Most office chairs are now comfortable and do not easy to get tired, but this is far from enough. An excellent office chair can improve work efficiency and effectively alleviate the harm caused by prolonged sitting. Including the protection of the spine and lumbar spine, preventing "work-related injuries" such as frozen shoulder and intervertebral disc herniation. Many people don't know the main points of office chairs very well when purchasing OFFICE SEATING, so they still have an ignorant mentality when purchasing, so let's take a look at the main points of the electric office chair.

Here is the content list:

  • VIEW office chair's Lifting Chassis

  • View office chair's Air Bar Certification Standards

VIEW office chair's Lifting Chassis

The lift bottom is the core of the office chair, the most basic configuration will involve a lift air lever, height control lever, and chassis. Adjustable functional allocation is, of course, the more abundant the better, because each person's height, leg length, and waist strength are not the same. To accommodate a variety of sitting positions in comfort, it is necessary to have a variety of adjustability. The adjustable height range of the office chair's lift rod determines the seat cushion's height. In the best posture, when you standing in front of the chair, the height of the seat pads should meet the lower margin of the kneecap; when sitting in the chair, the height of the seat pads should meet the lower margin of the kneecap, the leave 5cm between the inner side of the knee and the front edge of the chair distance. You can determine if the height-adjusting range of this chair is for you based on your calf and leg length. Another important point of an office chair's chassis is safety and stability, and the choice of its material is extremely important. As we all know, the heavier the chassis, the more stable the office chair sits, and there is no problem even lying down. Therefore, when you choose, look at whether the chassis is made of thickened explosion-proof steel.

Buying Office Chairs

View office chair's Air Bar Certification Standards

The quality of the lift lever of the office chair also determines the safety of the seat, so you must pay attention when choosing. It is not difficult to determine the good from the bad, because the certification standards for pneumatic rods are also identifiable. There are now four levels of air poles on the market, and the higher the level, the higher the comfort and safety. So how to detect the performance of the air pressure rod of the chair lift? You can raise the chair to the highest level and lower it a little bit. If the chair doesn't rebound when it is lowered to the bottom, it means that the quality of the air pressure pump is not good enough, and the height adjustment function of the chair is not so good.

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