How To Choose Theater Seating for Concerts?
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How To Choose Theater Seating for Concerts?

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Nowadays, everyone's literary life is getting richer and richer. Compared with other forms of art appreciation, theater watching has become a new entertainment and leisure fashion with its strong sense of presence and better interactive effect. In the auditorium of concerts and operas, theater seating with different prices often makes it difficult for many people to start. In addition to the quality of the performance itself, the quality of the performance venue and theater seating is also crucial to the performance experience. What kind of theater seating has the best sound effects? What kind of theater seating is the most cost-effective?

Here is the content list:

  • According to the placement of musical instruments, theater seating, and your own drama-viewing needs

  • According to the need for sound

According to the placement of musical instruments, theater seating, and your own drama-viewing needs

When watching performances such as dramas, dance dramas, musicals, etc. Visual effects are generally the primary criteria. However, if it is a concert or symphony performance, the factors considered will be different. First of all, it can be unified that whether it is a visual-first drama or an auditory-first concert, the theater seating in the center will be a golden auditorium chair, which provides excellent visual and auditory enjoyment. In addition, the performance of the concert can be selected according to the placement of the musical instruments, theater seating, and your own theater viewing needs. For example, the best theater seating for a piano-themed concert is the auditorium chair on the left side of the front, that is, the area diagonally behind the pianist. Not only can you see the pianist's finger movements, but you can also hear the sound of the piano more clearly. If you think you can see the pianist's face sitting on the right, you may be disappointed, because the tripod piano may be between you and the pianist, blocking the view.

Theater Seating for Concerts

According to the need for sound

A symphony orchestra has 4 types of instruments, strings, woodwinds, poles, and percussion. The string group is the foundation of the entire symphony orchestra, and its tone gives people a sense of intimacy, so the theater seating is generally arranged in front of the stage, closest to the audience. There are many kinds of musical instruments in the woodwind group, and the timbre is prominent, so they need to be arranged in the middle of the band after the string group. Pole and percussion instruments are loud and exciting, so they line up at the back or back of the band. Harps and other plucked instruments are often arranged to the left and right of the band. The seating arrangement in this way determines that the treble part is on the left and the bass part is on the right. Therefore, in the selection of theater seating, audiences who have special appreciation needs for high and low frequencies can choose theater seating accordingly.

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