Commercial Upholstered Green Waiting Room Chairs with Arms
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Commercial Upholstered Green Waiting Room Chairs with Arms

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▶MOQ:100 pcs
▶PACKING:Knock Down
▶LOADING PORT:Shenzhen/Guangzhou
APPLICATIONS: Waiting Rooms | Airport | Hospital | Workspace
TAGS: Waiting Chair | Airport Seating | Bench | Public Seating
  • H63A-4FT


▶ Upholstery: PU foam and fabric/PU.

▶ Seat and back panel: plywood with PU adge. which is firm, durable and fadeless.

▶Frame: steel tube.

▶ Footrest: steel pipe powder coating black finish.

▶ Cushion: PU foam with PU or fabric cover.

▶ Coffee table: plywood, selectable.

▶ Coffee table: upholstery, selectable.

Upholstered green waiting room chairs are seating options specifically designed for waiting areas, such as reception areas, lobbies, or waiting rooms. Here are some key features and characteristics of these chairs:

1. Upholstery: Upholstered green waiting room chairs feature a green fabric or leather upholstery. The green color adds a touch of vibrancy and freshness to the waiting area, creating a welcoming and calming atmosphere.

2. Comfort: These chairs prioritize comfort to ensure a pleasant waiting experience for visitors. They are typically padded with high-quality foam or cushioning, providing adequate support for extended periods of sitting. Ergonomic design elements, such as lumbar support or armrests, may also be included.

3. Durability: Waiting room chairs are subject to regular use, so durability is an important consideration. Upholstered green waiting room chairs are constructed using sturdy materials, such as hardwood or metal frames, to withstand frequent use and maintain their structural integrity over time.

4. Easy Maintenance: Waiting room chairs should be easy to clean and maintain, as they are exposed to various visitors and potential spills. The upholstery of these chairs is often treated to be stain-resistant or easy to wipe clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

5. Design and Aesthetics: Upholstered green waiting room chairs come in various designs and styles to suit different interior décor preferences. The chairs may feature sleek and modern designs or more traditional and classic aesthetics, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the overall style of the waiting area.

6. Versatility: Waiting room chairs should be versatile to accommodate different body types and preferences. Upholstered green waiting room chairs are available in various sizes and configurations, including single chairs, loveseats, or modular seating options, to accommodate different space requirements and seating arrangements.

7. Eco-Friendly Options: For those looking for environmentally friendly options, some upholstered green waiting room chairs are made from sustainable materials or feature eco-friendly manufacturing processes. These chairs contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.

Upholstered green waiting room chairs are commonly used in various settings, including healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, airports, and educational institutions. They provide comfortable and visually appealing seating options for visitors while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the waiting area. When selecting these chairs, it is important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, maintenance requirements, design, and eco-friendliness to ensure they meet the specific needs and preferences of the waiting area.

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The Upholstered Green Waiting Room Chairs with Arms, available at the following link: H63A-4FT, are designed to provide comfort and functionality in waiting areas. These chairs are suitable for various settings such as waiting rooms, airports, hospitals, and workspaces.

Key Features:

Upholstery: The chairs are upholstered with high-quality green fabric, ensuring a comfortable seating experience.

Seat and Back Panel: The seat and back panel are constructed with plywood, reinforced with a durable PU edge. This design provides firmness, durability, and resistance to fading.

Frame: The chairs feature a sturdy steel tube frame, ensuring stability and longevity.

Footrest: A black powder-coated steel pipe footrest is included for added comfort.

Cushion: The chairs are equipped with a cushioned seat, made with PU foam and covered with either PU or fabric material.






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