You choose the right? ! The choose and buy the auditorium chair manufacturers need to pay attention to details

by:HONGJI     2020-12-04
You choose the right? ! Auditorium chair manufacturers need to pay attention to the details of the auditorium chair of choose and buy the main technical parameters, material, processing technology, technical parameters: 1. From the back of the chair was 1030. From the ground: 430 - 450mm3。 Armrest: 580 660 mm4。 580 - seat spacing: 600 mm. Range: 900 - 950 mm. The main materials and processing technology. By the high quality of tensile steel plate, steel: feet by a hydraulic press molding, and carbon dioxide welding of built-in chair leg, seat axis by milling machine solid hexagonal steel. With high strength, no bending, deformation, etc. All the after pickling, phosphating coating on the surface of the steel. 2. Backboard: the 1. 5 mm thick bark and E1 class environmental protection glue. With warm pressure forming at a time. It won't crack and deformation. It is environmental protection non-toxic. 3. The thickness of the wooden armrest and armrest: wood armrest is 38 mm - 54mm。 Wooden armrest and armrest frame consists of 14 mm, 16 mm and 38 mm and made from imported oak board 54 mm thick, many processing forming. All solid wood exposed surface roasts the paint processing adopts polyurethane environmental protection. Surface is glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, scratch resistance, do not change color, durable. 3. Backrest sponge sponge and fabric back cushion: cold hair elastic polyurethane material is used for cold in one-time molding add flame retardant material. Has the good elasticity, depression, not easy ageing, not sit comfortably, flame retardant, fire prevention, etc. The fabric made from special flax seat fabric, flame retardancy. Light resistance, abrasion resistance, refractory, flame retardant, do not fade, security, environmental protection, etc. Four, response organizations seats dedicated air spring device with positioning quiet, no noise, safe and durable buffer, return accurate, etc. Our seats are according to the principle of human body engineering design and manufacturing. They have good appearance, sitting comfortable, durable, safe environmental protection, accord with a standard, etc.
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