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Good filter or self-cleaning filter Hello, both the laminated filter and the self-cleaning filter can be used as a pretreatment device for ultra-filtration reverse osmosis, and it is also suitable for the water quality of the Yangtze River, but the laminated filter and the self-cleaning filter have certain differences, analysis from the following aspects:1. filtering accuracy:1.1 optional filtering accuracy of self-cleaning filter 10-3000 μm;Filtering accuracy of 1.2 laminated filter is 5-200 μm;2. anti-washing water consumption:2.1 The water consumption of the self-cleaning filter is 0.5% of the water production;2.2 The reverse washing water consumption of the stacked filter accounts for 0.2% of the water production;3. anti-washing effect:3.1 The self-cleaning filter is a stainless steel filter, and the linear impurities in the water cannot be cleaned. The network structure is easy to cause the network hole to be blocked, and the bacteria will breed due to incomplete anti-washing;The 3.2 sta

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What about the water pump leaves of the homemade fish pond filter?
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