Who are stable long-term partners to HongJi?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. has long been dedicated to the industry of public seatings. With a focus on customers, HongJi improves the service based on honest and reliable management. In addition, we promote the spirit of 'exploitation, innovation, efficiency'. We believe that innovation leads development and market brings benefit. public seatings's application range is specifically as follows. HongJi focuses on providing a variety of theater chairs for customers. The product undergoes in-house strict quality testing and inspections. It is of Japan JIS standard and has passed Bifma testing. HONGJI has been an experienced enterprise that offering the life-time service timely. Its outer upholstery is dirty proof and waterproof. For more product information, please feel free to contact HongJi.

What is the difference between Annette's front filter and water purifier? All of them purify tap water, but these two are not one thing. The front filter is installed behind the water meter. the tap water of the household will be filtered again to remove the particles and impurities. in addition to drinking water filtration, it also protects water-related appliances such as water purifiers, washing machines, water heaters and faucets, however, the water after filtration cannot be drunk directly. it should be boiled and drunk again. The water purifier is finely filtered, and the filtered water can be consumed directly. However, the pressure loss is large, so it can only be installed at the end and only has a protective effect on drinking water. So, the two are the best together.

Why is the built-in fish tank filter not useful? [Built-in filter (sink filter )]It is used in the water as a whole. Submersible Pumps and filter cotton (often replaced by sponges) are installed in one, and some brands also install heaters in them to become multi-purpose fish farming equipment.When working, the water is sucked into the filter in multiple directions, and the filtered water is returned to the water tank by another way. This filter is popular with beginners because of its low price, but from the use effect, it is only suitable for medium and small aquariums with small fish culture density and low water flow and filtration requirements, the Professional 'Fishman' uses the built-in filter (especially the filter with heating function) for seedling raising and temporary water tank, and the effect is very good.The biggest drawback of this device is that when the work is stopped, there will be a lot of dirty things attached to the filter cotton flowing back into the water.Extended DataFil
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