Where is HongJi factory located?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. has been globally recognized as a professional and experienced public seatings manufacturer. With a focus on customers, HongJi improves the service based on honest and reliable management. In addition, we promote the spirit of 'exploitation, innovation, efficiency'. We believe that innovation leads development and market brings benefit. waiting room chairs's application range is specifically as follows. HongJi focuses on providing a variety of office chair for customers. Its quality highly meets the international indicators after quality inspections. It is of Japan JIS standard and has passed Bifma testing. HONGJI has established a complete service system for better serving customers. The sturdy tube frame creates the ultimate stability for the chair. HongJi's products are of guaranteed quality and tight package. Customers are welcome to contact us for details.

Application of nano-materials in various industries Nano is the translation of English namometer,Is a unit of measure in physics,1 nano is one billion of 1 m;Equivalent to the length of 45 atoms arranged.Generally speaking,Equivalent to the thickness of one in ten hair.Like mm, Micron,Nano is a scale concept,There is no physical connotation.When the material reaches the nano scale,It's about 1-This range of 100 nm,The performance of the substance will change,Special performance appears.This one is different from the original atoms and molecules,Material that is also different from the special properties of macro substances,That is, nano-materials.If only the scale reaches Nano,And materials without special properties,Nor can it be called nano-materials.Past,People only pay attention to atoms, molecules, or space in the universe,This middle field is often overlooked,In fact, this field exists in nature in large quantities,It's just that the performance of this scale range has not been recognized b

What are the common types of filter elements? What are the features of corrugated filter? Hello.Common types of filter: air filter element, PP filter element, wire filter element, folding micro-pore filter element, activated carbon filter element, double-section filter element, ceramic filter element, resin filter element, stainless steel filter element, oil filter element, folding filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, etc.It has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration impedance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and operability,It is particularly ideal for filtering with high compression strength requirements and uniform filtering accuracy requirements,It is widely used in petrochemical, nuclear power, synthetic fiber, film, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and environmental protection industries.The filter technology of sintering net filter element is aimed at the blood of machine equipment--Oil products (including hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid
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