When was HongJi established?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. is one of leading companies which manufactures waiting room chairs. With a focus on customers, HongJi improves the service based on honest and reliable management. In addition, we promote the spirit of 'exploitation, innovation, efficiency'. We believe that innovation leads development and market brings benefit. school chairs's application range is specifically as follows. HongJi focuses on providing a variety of waiting room chairs for customers. The product reaches the advanced quality level of the industry. Its leg is made of thick steel tube with powder coating, which is anti-rust. Thanks to the help of our professional service team, HONGJI has received more popularity around the world. The fabrics on it are anti-aging and anti-fading. For more product information, please feel free to contact HongJi.

Is there any impurities or rust in the tap water that can be filtered by a water purifier? The water purifier is also called water purifier and water filter. The core technology of the water purifier is the filter membrane in the filter element device. The main technology of the water purifier comes from the UF membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane, it is a small water treatment equipment for deep purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, the water purifier refers to a small filter used as a household.The water purifier can be divided into many kinds according to different purification principles and processes. Among them, RO reverse osmosis technology has the highest filtration accuracy (filtration accuracy is 0.0001 microns), since the pore diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is only one in 100,000 of the diameter of the hair wire, only water molecules and dissolved oxygen are allowed to pass through, all the impurities contained in the water,

What brands of water purifiers are suitable for rural use? The rural water purifier is also called the Rural well water filter, the rural groundwater filter or the rural well water purifier,It is based on the low water pressure in rural areas and the water source is mostly well water,Of course, some rural households use tap water,Water purifier with high impurity content in water.The fresh era is very useful,Is to use their own well water,The price we buy is around one thousand and eight.
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