When the auditorium chair of choose and buy should pay attention to the respects

by:HONGJI     2020-11-03
In order to win the trust of customers for product quality and value, some auditorium chair manufacturer has issued 10 years, 20 years, and even life quality assurance. An enterprise can under the banner of 'enterprise' to do this? The answer is no. Perhaps these guarantee is based on certain conditions. In your pure, for example, is a quality problem, but there is no back to use the auditorium chair, it is in the process of paving, a large number of improper use, paving, even after the maintenance problems, auditorium chair manufacturer will not warranty for you, at this time it must pay. Consumers don't like it, but the auditorium chair manufacturer said I guarantee quality. So this is actually a false advertising, in fact, there is no guarantee. In this respect, consumers must polish eyes to avoid being deceived. In view of the auditorium chairs are of variable quality, consumers in the process of choose and buy should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the surface material should be thick, durable, wear-resisting, no ball, no jumper. Sofa fabric can be divided into two kinds of domestic and imported. The auditorium chair manufacturer production chair fabric quality, color difference is small, high color fastness, zonal. In particular, some high-grade fabrics with special surface treatment, improve the ability of anti-fouling. Imports of high-grade fabric has characteristics of antistatic, flame retardant function. The structure of 2, auditorium chair plays a decisive role. Auditorium chair frame structure, firm structure and reasonable design will directly affect the quality and function of the chair. So, choose the auditorium seats first depends on whether the overall structure, loose, whether accord with human body engineering design. 3, must check carefully whether the internal filling, smooth, tight with all straight, two arms, the joint of the seat and back of a chair for fold. When choosing to purchase, you can feel it is stable in a chair, Angle is reasonable, whether or not comfortable. The quality of the elastic material affect the comfort and service life of sofa. Therefore, elastic material should be strong compressive resistance, good elasticity and high density. In addition to sit down and feeling, people also can to the auditorium chair manufacturer for instructions, to ensure product quality. 4, the color of the auditorium chair should decorate tonal contrast with screens, that is coordinated with the integral color photograph of screens.
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