When choosing the auditorium chairs or theater chairs need to notice

by:HONGJI     2020-11-24
With the development of The Times, people's life style has become increasingly diversified. Some people like to pursue fashion, electronic reading, enjoy the mobile phone and Internet makes, wear jeans, eating AA with holes; Also some people prefer to keep those habits, with pen and paper writing, listening to the kunqu opera, the hanfu tang suit, exquisite traditional etiquette; More and more people like the new and old pig, compatible with new and old. And, of course, people believe that people are essentially for so today we can't choose the cinema chairs and auditorium chairs for selection should be how to do it. 1 appearance information should be more solid, durable, and can't afford to conflict the ball, jump line. Sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, European and American professional manufacturer to produce special chair fabric quality excellent, minimal color, high color fastness, fabric without skew, especially some advanced fabrics for progress anti-fouling ability, appearance also conducted a special processing. Import advanced fabrics also has the function such as antistatic, flame retardant 2 theater chair structure plays a decisive role. Theater chair frame structure, the structure of the firm and planning point of view of reasonable will directly affect the quality of the chair and using function, and select the auditorium chair first to see if all the structure, whether there is loose, whether to agree with human body engineering in the planning, 3 internal filling, and all who heard whether clingy, flat, it is very important to a crisp, two armrest and seat, back attaches more carefully check whether gathers. When the choose and buy can sit on a chair to feel if it smoothly, a viewpoint is reasonable, whether with comfort. The quality of the elastic material affects the sofa is comfortable and using life. Therefore, elastic material to pressure resistance is strong, good elasticity, high density, except try sit feeling when people choose and buy, can be introduced to clarify related enterprise to woo, to ensure the quality of production. 4 theater chair color decorate colour to contrast with screens, and screens that is to say, to the overall color harmony.
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