What's the basis of the auditorium chair terms

by:HONGJI     2020-10-28
The auditorium chair of temperature and humidity should be appropriate. It is generally believed 18 - at the room temperature 25 degrees, humidity 60% The 80% is reasonable. In order to assure indoor appropriate temperature and humidity, hall system can be installed air conditioning, heating, humidification, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation, etc. Need fresh air hall. Each air quantity not less than 18 cubic meters per hour. The auditorium environmental noise level of 40 db ( 一) , to create a good environment. If the interior noise is very big, such as the noise of the air conditioning, will greatly influence the performance of the sound system. Light is the basic requirement of video audience hall. Due to the random meeting, indoor using artificial cold light source, to avoid the natural light to illuminate. All doors and Windows in the hall covered with dark curtain. The light source to the person's eyesight without adverse effects. More suitable for use three primary color light, Color temperature 3000 - 3500 k) 。 Lighting requirements are as follows: in order to guarantee the correct image color and the balance of the camera, asked participants evenly illuminated his face, illuminance is not less than 500 lux. Displays and lighting for near 50 - projection TV 80 lux, therefore should avoid direct. The direction of the light is more important than the strength of the light. A diffuse reflection lens are installed to the diffuse light, completely to give participants uniform illumination. Trichromatic lamp is usually installed on the ceiling of the auditorium. L frame installed on the ceiling. Lamps and lanterns is installed in the corner of the l-shaped frame, so the light will not have direct illuminate objects and participants, but on reflection and scattering of the light to illuminate the auditorium on the ceiling. In the design of the auditorium chairs, in most cases, in order to increase the comfort of the sitting position, use the sofa cushion, in order to convenient for the evacuation of personnel, the auditorium seat cushion design USES reversible structure; Application of auditorium seating position is doomed to is often used in the dim light environment. Environment, because in order to make people more quickly and accurately find a seat, auditorium chair near there should be a seat number. Part of the lighting design. The design of auditorium chair are mostly based on the demand of the application site. Venue, seat, for example, are usually should be put on record, and write on the tablets. Conference room should also consider using simultaneous interpretation equipment, voting and speech. The function of the actual demand; In theater, sitting more comfortable, so it is necessary to consider the seat and the air conditioning system. ‍
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