What matters should be paid attention to when designing the auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-04
Today the auditorium chair manufacturer to tell you that should be paid attention to when designing the auditorium chair, has built many schools and community more and more small theater. Although they are on the micro level contains the same theatre building elements, but their size difference is very big. According to the company the manufacturer of the understanding, design a theatre hall chair is very common, this will lead to many specific problems need to solve. Drama and acting class is usually a part of the middle school and university of content, so the campus theater used in teaching and performing. Therefore, schools and communities to engage in other activities using the theatre. For example, concerts, rallies, voice, meeting, or even exam and sports. In most schools, however, want to have a single theatre function and good technical facilities. Multi-function hall, as a common type of theater in the past, past the auditorium and cinema chair seat design rendering is more and more can't satisfy people's expectations. There are many common space problem, not only because of different performances have different physical properties, but also because of frequent conversion drama form requires a lot of time and human resources. Therefore, it is better to consider several programs that each solution can satisfy certain conditions, performance and not to meet any performance, multi-function space campus theater may prefer flexible studio, but they are also more like the traditional stage and seat. Each the renderings of auditorium chair not only need a studio floor plan, also need a ceiling of at least 5 m flat semi-flexible floor, on top of this space has a ceiling, can hang various lights and various technical equipment. Big screen can be changed into the black box theatre orbit, when necessary, the flexible seat system provides different watch. Most of the time, the ability to use outdoor natural light is a kind of precious resources, such as teaching and practice, in order to avoid wasting energy, but all the window must be able to provide application effective shade, there is enough space to store the auditorium is not the right equipment.
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