What kind of packing is provided for lecture room chairs ?
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Does the water purifier drink water through cotton, granular carbon and compressed carbon? Yes.1. this one adopts two-stage filtration: remove more than 5 μm plankton and material in water with 1 μm or 5 μ mPP cotton polypropylene fiber filter element to clarify the water source; pressing stick rod-shaped activated carbon filter with 5 mu mCTO can effectively absorb the color odor in the water, partially remove organic and inorganic impurities, effectively absorb the residual chlorine in the water, and improve the taste of the water, only adapt to high-quality drinking water source. Better than single-stage filtration. Generally, the water source of tap water cannot be drunk after filtration.2, the basic working principle of water purifier:Most water purifiers are gradually structured by the principle of screen blocking and filtration, which are connected by the first and end of the multi-stage filter element. the precision of the filter element is arranged from low to high in order to realize the multi-st

Information on animal Bionic 1.By annoying flies,A very strange small gas analyzer was successfully copied.Has been installed in the cockpit of the spacecraft,Used to detect the composition of the gas in the cabin.2.From Firefly to Artificial Cold light;3.Electric fish and Volt batteries;4.The ear of the jellyfish,Following the structure and function of jellyfish ears,Designed a jellyfish ear storm predictor,Can make a forecast of the storm 15 hours in advance,It is of great significance to the safety of navigation and fisheries.5.According to the visual principle of frog eyes,An electronic frog eye has been developed successfully.This kind of electronic frog eye can be like a real frog eye,Accurately identify objects of a particular shape.After loading the electronic frog eye into the radar system,The anti-interference capability of radar is greatly improved.This radar system can quickly and accurately identify aircraft, ships and missiles of specific shapes.In particular, it can distinguish
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