What fields is best office furniture applied in?
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Need to install front water purifier? Yes, this can effectively filter the service life of the filter element and water valve of the water purifier. 1. the front filter, as the name implies, is the filter device installed on the front end of the pipeline. It is possible to filter out harmful substances such as sediment, rust, bacteria, colloid, and large molecular organic matter in the water, and retain minerals and trace elements that are helpful to human health. 2. the tap water used at home will be corroded by Rust generated by the pipeline during the long pipeline transportation process, and there is also a large amount of sediment, at this time, the front filter is installed at the back end of the water meter, which can remove the particles and impurities, and can restore the water quality to the factory standard to fully avoid pollution such as sediment and rust. It can be seen that the effect of purification and filtration is still very obvious. 3. the use of the front filter can protect home appliance

Method of use of oil-water separator The oil filter, oil filter and filter are just roughly the same as the different names used. I will take the ZL of the million-dollar oil filter as an example!96. preparation and inspection before use1.All parts of the oil filter machine have passed the operation adjustment test before leaving the factory. after long-distance transportation,To arrive at the use site to check eachWhether the parts are in good condition.2.The selection of the power supply must be able to withstand the maximum current of the machine. This machine Circuit adopts380 V,50HzThree-phase four-wire AC power supplyAccess a ground wire at the same time. The power distribution cabinet on the oil filter machine and the wiring of the oil pump, vacuum pump and electric heater shall be inspectedEnsure that the connection is firmly in
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