What color (size, type, specification) is available for collapsible theater seating in HongJi?
Well water filter water flow and tap water is not much different? Totally different.The production of tap water should adopt advanced production processes such as folding plate reaction, convection precipitation and V-shaped filter, and the water quality of ex-factory water should be implemented according to the drinking water standards issued by the state.Moreover, water plants in many regions have now begun to use deep treatment processes to effectively improve the water quality of drinking water and improve the taste of drinking water, generally, the tap water treated by the deep treatment process can basically reach the level of direct drinking water.The household well water filter does not have these production, filtration and purification procedures at all.Many people always think that the well water filter is very high. In fact, whether it is turbidity or residual chlorine, there is no tap water quality that meets human health standards.I hope the answer can help you.

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Filter of 20um, which filter area of melt filter and stack filter is large, under the same area 5 The area of the melt filter will be larger, because there are melt filter elements in it, and the area of multiple melt filter elements will definitely be larger than that of the laminated filter.
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