What are top selling products in HongJi?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. is internationally outstanding in the field of auditorium chairs. Based on honesty, HongJi advances with the times and develops by innovations. Relying on technological innovation and talents, we strive to meet customers' needs as much as possible and provide customers with better products and services. HongJi's auditorium chairs is mainly used in the following aspects. auditorium chairs is the main product of HongJi. It is diverse in variety. This product has undergone rigorous quality checks before reaching to customers. Its applicable sites include lecture hall, theatre, cinema, conference hall, concert hall, etc. auditorium chairs is produced with exquisite quality. The sturdy tube frame creates the ultimate stability for the chair. We are responsible for the production of high-quality products. Please contact us to order if you have any needs.

I live on the third floor of a multi-storey building and installed a front filter in Qinyuan. The water flow in all the faucets in the home has become very weak. how is this broken? You should reinstall the location of the filter, put it in the most wanted living room, or kitchen, and the bathroom will not have to filter the water.

What filter material is good for gas cutting smoke ?? PP, PET materials are quite usable,Yudeng PET has high filtering accuracy,The 9001 dust masks with a good stiffness of 3 M are all industrial dust masks,All of them use imported high-efficiency electrostatic filter materials,Wear the ear belt.3M9001 dust mask meets GB2626 in China-2006 standard level KN90.It indicates that the filtration effect on non-oily particles reaches more than 90%.This mask is used in many units.
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