What are the tips to the auditorium chair maintenance?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-21
Many cinemas and large and medium-sized acting occasion application auditorium chair clean up generally is very complex, we can what method need not too much time to manage it? So we need to do well the maintenance in a timely manner. Tell you the auditorium chair manufacturer maintenance tips of the seat. 1, is not the same as the fabric of the auditorium chair there is a different way of maintenance. When different fabrics auditorium chair covered by dust, flap can use a vacuum cleaner or cleaning up. When they are covered by dust, can use a soft brush. If touch water to drink in the class material, can use towels absorb, neutral detergent scrub gently with warm water, then dry with a clean cloth. 2, if it is leather chair, scrub with a soft dry cloth. Must not let oil ethanol or chemical substances such as diluent on on top of it, otherwise will cause its shape and leather metamorphism. Use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1% - 3%) Scrub, distortion of clear water is swabbed clean cloth cleaning fluids, and then use dry cloth to scrub, make its natural drying, dry, with appropriate leather care agent, uniform scrubbing. 3, auditorium chair surface coating not only plays a function of decoration and beautification furniture surface, more to the point is to maintain the function of the seating surface. Therefore, the surface of coating should be on time polishing and cleaning, usually once every three months. First of all, with a soft towel to wipe down the surface of the dust and stains. Surface slightly after dry, apply wax and liquid wax gently scrub the auditorium chair surface polishing. 4, auditorium chairs, for woodiness material cleaning is relatively simple, can use soft wet cloth. Only in the normal application process, people just a reminder that should be paid attention to prevent drink, chemicals or high temperature objects placed on the surface, in case of damaged wood surface natural colour and lustre. And, in order not to damage the wood surface of natural burnish attention should be paid to fight corrupt, not irritating detergent can be applied.
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