What are the theater chair of various material appearance requirements?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-09
What are the theater chair of various material appearance requirements? Auditorium chair and theater chair of the seven material appearance requirements: one, wooden appearance: should be no cracks in the wood; Appearance should be no trite material, table within 20% of the area should not be beyond the parts looks slight accumulated; Appearance and check goods parts material without crack, a blunt edge, dead section, bug eat by moth. Second, man-made board appearance: man-made board piece the interface should be sealing side perhaps finishing processing; Appearance should be no obvious scratch, indentation, chromatic aberration; Appearance should be no no dry flower, wet flower, blotch, bubble, crack, delamination. Three, metal pieces of appearance: the metal parts in the theater chair should be antirust processing, there should be no rust; Metal parts should be groundless without sealing pipe fittings; Pipe should be no cracks, seam; Welds shall be no desoldering, virtual welding, welding wear, slag inclusion, porosity, splash, flash, bite edge; Stamping parts should have no delaminating, crack; Riveting should be riveted joint strength, no leakage riveting, riveting; Coating spray without leakage and corrosion; Theater chair of electrodeposited coating should be smooth and flat, should be no blisters, yellowing, tinea, burning, cracks, scratches and knock against injury and other shortcomings; Electrodeposited coating appearance should be no fall, rust, burr. Four, soft bags and sewing parts appearance: coated fabric color should be without damage, scratches, dirt, grease, clear off color; Soft bag stitching and sewing parts should be smooth, strong and no off-line, slotted, jump shortcomings such as double needle; One foam molding parts should be combined with a strong and flat, can not have from, wrinkling, shortcomings and so on lax; The crust components should be flat, smooth appearance no pits, thickness, texture dense, die crack does not affect the appearance. Five, the plastic parts should be no cracks, no obvious deformation; Should be no obvious shrinkage cavity, bubbles, impurities, scars; Looks with plastic parts they should be light, no scratch, no scratch, no obvious color difference. Six, paint film appearance: the same color components of color should be similar; Should be no fade, rub off phenomenon; May leak paint coating should not have wrinkled skin, sticky phenomenon; Coating should be flat and smooth, clear, no obvious particles, rising edge phenomenon; Should be no obvious machining marks, scratches, fog light, white oil, white spots, bubbling, white edges, sagging, shrinkage cavity, brush, slag powder and noise. Defects are no more than 4 number. Seven, other cosmetic requirements: product parts should be no breakage phenomenon at the touch of a human body may preserve items part should be no burr, cutting edge, the combination of edges and fixed position should be strong and no looseness, no less, leakage, through screw ( The reserved hole, pick holes) Products so finishing appearance may have legs color, uniform appearance should be clean, colour and lustre ‍ rub off phenomenon
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