What are the part of the auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-08
1, standing foot landing on one foot ( Single leg landing) And armrest standing foot landing ( Stand feet directly associated with the armrest frame) Two kinds. Single leg landing seat standing foot support seat center, in addition to its beautiful, also facilitate the use of chair foot other facilities are connected with the environment, such as air vents, power supply interface, etc. Because of the single leg mode relatively clutter, single leg organization capital accordingly improved. Armrest standing foot fall to the ground, consolidate, reliable, convenient fixed and equipment, combined with standing JiaoXiang armrest, brief structure. Stand feet is the warp and woof of the auditorium chair support, usually with anchor bolt directly fixed on the ground. 2, armrest auditorium chair armrest is the seat of the warp and woof of supports, seat of the primary components are connected with the armrest. The structure of the armrest: metal frame: armrest frame, also basically is the support of the entire auditorium chair cohesion. Help planks: made of wood or plastic and other materials, tablet group: the auditorium chair armrest can be equipment tablet group, so that the meeting record. Generally, seat bag made by 3 fabrics, cushions, shelves, scroll of organization and plating. Fabric: general use fabrics such as hemp flocking, velvet, or cars; Also some choose leather, imitation leather fabrics, etc. Rubber cushion: with PU ( Pu) Made from foam, density of 40 ~ 60 kg/M3 is good. Include: according to different planning, a brief structure selection of bent wood plate, plastic board, high-grade seats chosen spring metal frame, plastic inner shell, etc. Scroll tissue: into the gravitational response and spring back, gravity reply without protection organization briefly, and often with deadened the noise of rubber pad to eliminate the impact and noise of the reply; Choose spring rehabilitation can make the response organization are smaller, flexible structure planning, combined with damping device can make the school sports manipulated, sports become slow, eliminate the impact and noise; The other European patent technology from France - — Pneumatic reply has been introduced to China market, the boot device makes the chair cushion in the process of opening and reply won't give out any one person's action, lightsome, elegant, safe, strong, and the hidden equipment, a little bit does not affect the seat shape is beautiful. Plating: according to the requirements of the planning can be made from wood, plastic or other materials, primary role is to decorate and group cohesion and reply. 4, backpack by fabrics commonly, cushions, lining plate and shell. Fabric: general use fabrics such as hemp flocking, velvet, or cars; Also some choose leather, imitation leather fabrics. Rubber cushion: with PU ( Pu) Made from foam, density of 35 ~ 50 kg/M3 is suitable. Lining board: according to different planning, usable bent wood plywood and metal frame structure, in metal frame structure as the steel frame, sometimes temporary steel be buried directly in a sponge. Plating: same as the base plate function, can also be made from wood, plastic or other materials, primary role is to decorate and cohesion and armrest. 5, the scale of the seat also has the certain scale, according to ergonomics planning, scale control in commonly: : high seat surface peak spacing to the ground, hard seat surface 400 ~ 420, 420 ~ 440 mm soft seat surface; Wide: the interval between the two armrest; Generally greater than 660 mm; Deep: plate front to the back of a chair of the interval; General is 400 ~ 450 mm; Back high: the size of the top panel to the back of the chair; High total: peak to the back of the chair the interval of the ground; High armrest: an apogee spacing to the ground; Deep: a seat in the front to the back of the chair point interval, general influence seat row spacing; Tablet containing depth: tablet open seat maximum depth; Angle: plane and horizontal plane Angle, generally for 2 ~ 5 °; Back Angle: rely on reverse side with the horizontal Angle, generally is 100 ~ 106 ° row spacing: before and after the two rows of seat in the in the interval; From: also known as the center distance, refers to the left and right sides of two seats in the interval; Arc discharge radius: qualifying line curvature radius of circular arc form; Else, there are many optional accessories, function characteristics are as follows: 6, tablet tablet is designed for meeting or lecture seat and planning of attachments, facilitate the meeting or to take notes in class and put the file books, etc. Generally speaking, there are bright and hidden type two kinds. 7, beverage holder crossover vehicle is divided into handrail beverage holder and a crossover vehicle outside two kinds, armrest beverage holder first and often necessary to use the site for the cinema. Most of the armrest crossover vehicle designed and an integrated structure. Mounted outside the beverage holder for meeting, lecture hall and other places, only when it is necessary to use. Mounted outside the beverage holder has two kinds of beverage holder before and after the beverage holder. 8, ((is also meeting with chair of special accessories. 9, a number of commonly used number have two, one, called seat token, the second is called line plate. Seat brand show the serial number of seats in each row put down, line plate indicates the order of the row. 10, feet and feet on the ground do not allow the capital equipment or need to change position often, or add activities to choose activities the feet seat. Lijiang product activity feet there are three ways: type A foot: put on the ground, have A height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Type B activity foot: put on the ground, a height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Tripod universal activities: the auditorium chair directly fixed on foot is the activity of equipment to the foot of the rack is equipped with four retractable landing universal wheel, universal wheel operations, horse, together with the seat can convenient mobile, universal wheel is raised, the foot bottom fell on the ground, make the seat flat on the ground, do not move.
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