What are the auditorium chair fixed method?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-07
The auditorium chair in different sheet on what fixed method? And below small make up together and see it. As is known to all, the audience or brush field using seats in people leave automatically transferred to the vertical state, so that between row and row seat have a larger channel for people to move. In the existing technology, this kind of FM - 271 auditorium chair is to flip through the following way: fixed axis arrangement between the two chairs legs, combined with fixed axle bearing arrangement on either side at the bottom of the chair, the chair can be revolve around a fixed axis. And this time we for the installation of the bearing is very exquisite, on the ground of different fixed method is also different. The FM - 271 bearing seat auditorium chair on a different plate fixation method is what? 1, the concrete: direct use percussion drill hole, embedded bolts. 2, ceramic tile, marble, with glass drilling first punch to the cement ground, reoccupy impact drill hole, embedded bolts. 3, wooden floor: use wood drilling holes, impact drill hole embedded bolts. 4, steel, steel plate, use electric drill to drill a 3 - first After 4 mm holes directly buy self tapping screw [ Iron screw] , the floor is 30 - — 40 mm can directly benefit, buy self tapping screw fixed on the straight. 5, if there are lines, plumbing pipes, etc. , under the room can't fixed hole, can choose longer stand feet stand oh, strong strong. Above all, it is easy to find the similar floor use fixed method is basically the same, such as slabs of marble and ceramic tile are belong to the class material, the above is the auditorium chair on different plate fixation method of related introduction, believe that now everyone know something about it.
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