What about HongJi production equipment?
The mission of mesh chair sets us apart from other enterprises. Welcome to visit our factory! Focus on the Manufacturing Furniture Business for Years, a Professional Leader in the Manufacturing Furniture Industry Compared with products in the same category, public seatings we produce is equipped with the following advantages. With many years of practical experience, GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Use of air filters The air filter is mainly responsible for the removal of particulate impurities in the air.When the piston machinery (internal combustion engine, reciprocating compressor, etc.) works,If the suction air contains impurities such as dust, it will aggravate the wear and tear of the parts,So the air filter must be installed.The air filter consists of two parts: the filter element and the housing.The main requirements of the air filter are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, continuous use for a long time without maintenance,Its use is too wide,Pharmaceutical,Scientific research,Machines,Spray,Electronics,Plastic, etc,Air filtration is used in too many ways.Air filters are used to trap dust particles in the air.Different environments have different filter efficiency values for air filters.The following are the selection places of typical place filters, main filter efficiency, special requirements for common filter elements, indicating the main filter F5 ~ F7 bag filter, no partition

Who knows how the compressed air filter works? 5 ),There is an even distributed diagonal tooth on the guide plate similar to the fan blade,Forcing compressed air flowing at high speed to generate a strong rotation in the tangent direction of the tooth,Liquid water oil mixed in the air and large impurities are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force,Throw it on the inner wall of the water Cup (7,Flow to the bottom of the Cup.Remove compressed air from liquid water oil and larger impurities,Further filtering through the filter element (3,Clear tiny solid particles,Then output clean compressed air from the outlet.Umbrella water shield (5) separates the water cup into two parts,Keep the Pressure Zone in the lower part,It can prevent high-speed rotating air flow from sucking water oil from the bottom of the Cup.The water oil gathered at the bottom of the cup is released from the drain valve (8.The air filter must be installed down the vertical Cup.1.Carry compressed air containing harmful substanc
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