What about CFR/CNF of elementary classroom furniture ?
Can a front filter of more than one hundred yuan filter the sand and dirt in the water? Yes, but the effect is general. if the water quality is poor, it will have obvious effect, and I will install it.

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What is the principle of preparing media? The landlord,Hello.Overall,All microbial growth and reproduction require medium containing carbon source, nitrogen source, inorganic salt, growth factor, water and energy,However, due to the complexity of microbial nutrition types,The demand for nutrients by different microorganisms is different,Therefore, we must first prepare targeted media according to the nutritional needs of different microorganisms.Self-supporting microorganisms can synthesize complex organic substances such as sugars, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids and vitamins that they need from simple meta-organisms,Therefore, the culture medium for cultivating self-supporting microorganisms can (or should) be composed of simple inorganic substances.For example,The composition of the culture medium for the culture of thiobaclone thiooxdans is shown in Table 3.9.During the preparation of the medium, other carbon sources were specially added to the end,Instead, it relies on CO2 in the air a
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