Various material appearance requirements for auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-27
Various material appearance requirements for auditorium chairs, auditorium chair manufacturer to explain for everybody: such as the auditorium chair, cinema chairs and desks and chairs. A, wooden parts appearance: should not through crack should be no rotten wood, wood appearance inside table slight decay area should not exceed 20% of the surface of parts appearance store items and parts of the material has no crack, a blunt edge, dead section, bug eat by moth. 2, man-made board appearance: man-made board the interface should be sealing side or finishing processing surface should be no obvious scratch, indentation, appearance should be no color no dry flower, wet flower, blotch, bubbling, cracks, the three stratification, auditorium chair, cinema chair and desk chair metal appearance: metal parts should be antirust processing, should not have rust metal parts should be groundless without sealing pipe fittings pipe should be no cracks, should be no welding, seam welding place empty welding, welding wear, slag inclusion, porosity, flash, bite edge, stamping parts should be no splash layer, riveting cracks should be riveted firmly, without leakage riveting, riveting coating should be without the spray, corrosion plating should be smooth level off, should be no blisters, yellowing, tinea, burning, defects such as cracks, scratches and knock against injury plating surface should be no peeling, rust, burr, soft package and sewing parts appearance: coated fabric color should be without damage, scratches, dirt, grease, clear off color, soft bag stitching and sewing parts should be full, smooth and firm, not to take off the line, slotted, jump a body foam molding defects such as double needle parts should be combined with strong, flat, can not have from, wrinkles, sagging defects such as the crust components should level off, smooth appearance no pits, thickness, texture dense, die crack does not affect the appearance. Five, the plastic parts should be no cracks, no obvious deformation should be no obvious shrinkage cavity, bubbles, impurities, scar appearance with plastic surface should be smooth, no scratch, no scratch, no obvious color difference six, paint film appearance: the same color components of color should be similar should be no fading, wrinkled skin, sticky or rub off phenomenon coating should not have leakage phenomenon of lacquer coating should level off is smooth, clear, no obvious particle, rising edge phenomenon; Should be no obvious machining marks, scratches, fog light, white oil, white spots, bubbling, white edges, sagging, shrinkage cavity, brush, slag powder and noise. Number of defects no more than 4. Seven, other cosmetic requirements: product parts should be in contact with human body or collections of objects without damage phenomenon part should be no burr, cutting edge, the combination of edges and fixed position should be firmly no looseness, no less, leakage, through screw ( The reserved hole, except the selector aperture) Products of the coating surface must not have a leg color, rub off phenomenon appearance should be clean, colour and lustre is uniform.
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