Theater auditorium chair when the design should pay attention to?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-03
At present, many schools and community construction is more and more small theater, though they came up out of the micro architectural elements contain the same theater, but is is very different in size. The auditorium chair manufacturer understand: general in the design of the theater auditorium chair will lead to many specific problems need to solve. And drama class is usually a part of high school and college teaching content, so the campus theatre is used for teaching is also used to show. Therefore, school and community theatre for other activities. Such as concerts, rallies, speeches, meeting even the examination as well as sports. Most schools hope function single theatre, however, and have good technical facilities. Multi-function hall, as a common type of a theater in the past, the auditorium seats and theater chair before design rendering is more and more can't satisfy people's expectations. Multi-functional space problem a lot, not only because of different performance activities on the physical properties have different needs, and theater in the form of frequent conversion need to spend a lot of time and human resources, so it is better to consider a few solutions, make every scheme can satisfy a certain performance conditions, rather than not meet any performance of multi-functional space. Campus theater may tend to like flexible studios, also may like fixed stage as well as the traditional theater seats. Each auditorium chair should not only have a studio planning, rendering studio need to have a flat floor of semi-flexible, with at least 5 m high ceiling, the whole upper space grid with the top to hang all sorts of lamps and lanterns and various technical equipment, have large screen orbit, when necessary can also become a black-box theatre, flexible seat system can provide different drama performance relationship. Many times, can use outdoor natural light is a valuable resource, such as teaching and rehearsal, can avoid the waste of energy resources, but all the Windows must be able to provide effective shading performance. Want to have enough space to store the auditorium chair shall not apply to the equipment. Usually the auditorium chair number is between 80 ~ 150. Some of the more traditional theater space is a stationary stage, so that we can provide better technical support for stage area. Typically do not have a problem with one of the towers, but there are some manual or electric suspension device, such as the curtain, derrick. A seat is fixed and activity in two forms, more common is adjustable seat, he can shrink up makes theater into a large, flat teaching space use space or other activities. This style of theatre in general capacity will between 250 ~ 350. Try not to imagine to speech or to build a large hall, such as the concert because of the effect will be greatly decreased. To let students participate in technical activities of the theater ( Such as lighting, sound and stage) Also is very important on the one hand, it needs to be given full consideration, especially in terms of safety, according to the light, lighting and grille channel should have corresponding prevent fall protection system.
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