The use of different cortical guangdong auditorium chair and curing _ _

by:HONGJI     2020-11-02
Guangdong auditorium chair, cinema chairs and desks and chairs are made of natural animal skin or chemical synthetic leather seats. Average real wood the auditorium chair manufacturer can use public seats to improve the grade of the vehicle's interior. Its advantages: 1. Easy to clean. Relative to flannelette seats, dust can only on the surface of the leather seats, not deep into the seat, so a cloth can now be done away with a cleaning job. 2. Easier to heat dissipation. Although leather will heat, but its thermal performance is better. Summer noon sun is burning vehicles, shoot a few times can disperse the heat with the hand, or sit on it for a period of time won't feel so hot. Leather seats of the use and maintenance: 1, car auditorium seats skin as far as possible to relatively far away from heat source, such as being too close to heat sources can lead to dry leather. 2, don't long time exposure in the sun insolates, so avoid faded leather. 3, often cleanness maintains, a week using absorb dust dust collection device. 4, don't use hair dryer to dry quickly in a clean leather, to do dry naturally. 5, clear in time on dirt on the seat, avoid chemical corrosion on the seat. 6, avoid sharp objects scratch in the aspect of maintenance, leather seats clean and we should use special cleaner, do not use household detergent, detergent and so on the special leather cleaner, because the leather commonly special emulsion and grease for molecular particles is bigger, can't penetrate into formation protection, leather instead blocked pores, leather to make leather lost gas permeability, thus accelerating the formation of the leather hardening and cracks. In addition, if at the time of cleaning the best don't wet dishcloth, because moisture can penetrate into the seat sponge, the seat is not easy to dry, and wet leather is easy to absorb dust. If you use a damp cloth, it is better to use cleaner to clean the chair, again to make it dry up as soon as possible. It is worth noting that the leather seats once get in dirt, want to clean in time, if you don't do clean up over a certain period of time, it would be difficult to remove these stains. In addition, the surface of leather with human body often contact, because of friction and grease is more, look more luster, don't think it is very clean. On the contrary, leather seats appear luster, it indicates that the leather has been seriously blocked pores, this was the beginning of the leather to the damaged, if not immediately to clean leather, will greatly reduce the normal service life of leather. Above is the small make up about guangdong auditorium chair, cinema chair and the summary of the ladder desks and chairs, hope can help to you!
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