The structure of the auditorium chair manufacturer to tell you the auditorium chair and useless

by:HONGJI     2020-11-20
Auditorium chair manufacturer for you to introduce what is the auditorium chair auditorium chair: usually used in large conference room, hall, school or government large-scale song and dance theatre, in today's society is not short of a chair, most by the chair seat, chair, armrest and stand feet four parts. General condition stand feet and armrest is a sturdy device of armrest. Structure is commonly gangmu structure or steel model structure. Landing on one foot ( Single leg landing) And armrest standing foot landing ( Direct connection with armrest frame stand feet) Two kinds. Single leg landing seat standing foot support seat center, in addition to its beautiful, also facilitate the use of chair foot other device connected with the environment, such as air vents, power supply interface, etc. Because single leg connection methods relatively clutter, single leg agency cost increased accordingly. Armrest standing foot landing approach, consolidate, reliable, convenient and fixed device, combined with standing JiaoXiang armrest, brief structure. Is theater chair support the warp and woof of stand foot, general situation with anchor bolt directly fixed on the ground theatre chair armrest is the seat of the warp and woof of supports, the seat of the main components are connected with the armrest. The structure of the armrest include: 1. The framework of metal structure: the armrest, also is basically the support of the entire auditorium chair fittings. 2. Help planks: made from wood or other material such as plastic, 3. Clipboard mechanism: theater chair armrest can be tablet devices, so that the meeting record. The scope of the standard also has seats must according to ergonomics planning, standard control in commonly: : high seat surface peak spacing to the ground, hard seat surface 400 ~ 420, 420 ~ 440 mm soft seat surface; Wide: the interval between the two armrest; Generally greater than 400 mm; Deep: plate front to the back of a chair of the interval; General is 400 ~ 450 mm; Back high: the size of the top panel to the back of the chair; High total: peak to the back of the chair the interval of the ground; High armrest: an apogee spacing to the ground; Deep: a seat in the front to the back of the chair point interval, general influence seat row spacing; Tablet containing depth: tablet open seat maximum depth; Angle: plane and horizontal plane Angle, generally for 2 ~ 5 °; Back Angle: depend on the back with the horizontal Angle, generally is 100 ~ 106 ° row spacing: before and after the two rows of seat in the in the interval; From: also known as the center distance, refers to the left and right sides of two seats in the interval; Arc discharge radius: qualifying line curvature radius of circular arc form;
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