The specification of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-10-30
The auditorium chairs, most by the chair seat, chair, his hands and stand feet four parts. Conditions usually stand feet and handle the massing form stable installation of her hands. Frame is usually gangmu structure or gangsu framework. Auditorium chair of the human body engineering design the size of the auditorium chair is also has a certain standard, according to the design of human body engineering, size usually adjust in: : high seat surface the top to the spacing of the floor, hard seat surface 400 ~ 420, relatively soft seat surface 420 ~ 440 mm; Wide: the spacing between the two handles each other; Is generally higher than 400 mm; Deep: front to the back of the chair seat spacing; Usually for 400 ~ 450 mm; Back high: a surface to the top of the back of the chair size; High total: the distance between the top floor to the back of the chair; Handle: handle the top to the spacing of the floor; Deep: a chair in the front to the back of the chair point spacing, usually affect seat row spacing; Tablet containing depth: tablet open seating maximum depth; Angle: plane and horizontal plane Angle, usually is 2 ~ 5 °; Back Angle: depend on the back with the horizontal Angle, usually for 100 ~ 106 ° row spacing: before and after the two rows of seat in the spacing of; From: also known as the center distance, refers to two seats left and right sides in to the distance; Arc discharge radius: qualifying line curvature radius of circular arc form;
The , essentially perfected by auditorium style seating, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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