The six big taboo of auditorium chair, how much do you know?

by:HONGJI     2020-10-28
The auditorium chairs, though not very common in our daily, but we all know what it is, a lot of people are using it. But do you know the six big taboo of auditorium chair? Is not the correct use of auditorium chair will result in the auditorium chair damage, shorten the service life and even potential safety hazard, so let's clear the six big taboo, the proper use of the auditorium chairs. First, when handling the auditorium chair, should take put down gently, choose the appropriate position. The ground is placed their proper place. If it is no way, we can also improve the auditorium chair stand feet, to prevent the damage caused by the unstable auditorium chair. Second, auditorium chair not easily exposed to the sun. Whether it is in the long-term, or in a clean place, can make the auditorium chair metamorphic deformation of materials. Third, to avoid the auditorium chair too dry or too wet place, because the materials of auditorium chair will be cracking deformation, too wet place, it's easy to deformation, with the passage of time is very easy to corrupt, shorten the service life of the auditorium chairs. Fourth, when clean the auditorium chair, should the fabric texture gently scrub, cannot use hard brush, so as to avoid deformation of fabric. Fifth, in the auditorium chair, don't put too heavy goods, in order to avoid excessive items extrusion deformation of the auditorium chairs. At the same time, the heavy object will make seat sponge elasticity variation. Sixth, when clean the auditorium chair, do not use strong acid and strong alkali cleaner, because the auditorium seating surface treatment with chemical method, usually in order to prevent the fire and pollution. Strongly acidic and alkaline detergent can destroy the chemical processing of auditorium chair. Believe that through the above words, you have learned the six big taboo, in daily use should always pay attention to the six big taboo, can maximize the auditorium chair service life.
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