The rationality of the guangdong auditorium chair and ductility _ _

by:HONGJI     2020-10-27
Guangdong rationality and ductility rationality of auditorium chair: guangdong auditorium chair - The auditorium seating system design attaches great importance to the system efficiency. In the modelling design to create the most reasonable unit structure, and to explore a flexible set of multivariate coupling structure. The design guide is: unit standard parts production, diversified composite applications. From the design of the display scheme, our designers are from one of the most basic unit (modelling A chair leg, including chair face based), fixed pieces, The structure design, think about how the most ingenious use of existing the material form of conventional building materials to form a reasonable structure. They pursued by a 'reasonable', not only including the material, structure, less contact security firm, has the possibility of multidirectional connection extension, also requires a convenient assembly, easy replacement, conducive to maintenance, waste and so on. In short, in the definition of 'reasonable' standard, the economic principle of modern industrial design, convenient production, ecological environment protection, the design principle of ergonomics not contain among them, fully shows that it is an advanced design idea guidance, high level of design practice. Ductility: in our understanding the auditorium chairs, auditorium seating system design of the pursuit of efficiency, perhaps should also be a special emphasis on the 'extension'. Start with a chair leg structure design, the application of this structure to form a building way chair, chair, is a change of shape object extension; And the performance characteristics of convenient assembly, easy replacement, maintenance is not only beneficial to waste, but also the possibility of extension provides another change: all of the different functional facilities with the same bracket structure, no overall demolition, can realize the increase or decrease, migration, or function. All in all, the scalability is not only convenient to now, and practice in the future, give a person a considerable leeway. Thus, we can realize, auditorium chairs, auditorium chairs on pursuing the system development and design of target - — — The structure of 'reasonable' is actually a 'structure' of the rich life. It not only has the property of conceptual and firm, and durability of both on the concept of time and space. Above is the small make up about guangdong auditorium chair, cinema chair and the summary of the ladder desks and chairs, hope can help to you!
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