The maintenance of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-13
Because the auditorium chair and theater chair material is special, need clean branch much trouble than the general public seating, this gesture will greatly influence the daily operation of public places. So, how should maintain the auditorium chairs and theater chairs, can shorten the time and number of clean? Different fabrics chair also have different maintenance methods: when the fabric on the chair looks into the dust, or be able to use vacuum cleaner to suck, or can be dyed with granular object, or can use soft brush brush quietly. If the fabric chair into the potable water, scrub with towel first absorbing water, warm water neuter washing detergent scrub, scrub, quietly again with a clean dry cloth to wipe, can. About the innovation of education form, education are desks and chairs are more than the original gauge adjustment, also appeared a lot of 'strange' education of desks and chairs, splicing type education desks and chairs are school. Cloud seat new splicing type education desks and chairs, desks and chairs can be based on different education method to select split method, both environmental protection and convenience, follow one's inclinations alter education space form, increase students' learning interest in classroom. Most notably auspicious together the details of desks and chairs, on the basis of principle of human body engineering planning products, increase the stability of the lifting gear plan, students can allocate height of desks and chairs according to height. Fine abrasion anchor planning and key part of the plan, can increase the using life of desks and chairs, new still day after long time use. Diversity function planning, lets the student convenient items to receive. The auditorium chair, theater chair leather chair appearance such as general maintenance as long as the use of clean soft cloth scrub leather appearance can quietly. You can also use neutral cleaning solution scrub, do not need to vigorously is swabbed can make appearance more beautiful like new. If is long-term grime, best method is to use neutral cleaning agent when diluted with warm water scrub first, and then swab with water cleaning fluid, finally with dry cloth polishing, until the boring, a condition to allow only, also be able to use the right amount of leather maintenance material to wash again. This attitude, this kind of leather chair like new to buy the same. My seat in the state, if have abnormal sound, can use lubricant spray on the axis of the joint or spring around, to eliminate the different sound. A wheelchair ground friction, easy to wear dust, need time to root out on tire carcass, and USES the spray maintenance wheel chair, chair keep sliding more smoothly. As the economy does not change, people's material requirements are greatly improved, and then take the cinema chairs, a lot of people don't know, or to the forget to dozens of times watching movies, no DianYingTing, no chair, more don't say the cinema chair, we stood in a circle of station, sit sit, because some kids see while sitting on the arm of relatives, some even climbed up the tree. The difficulty of laughter, each see le on. In the back now, look. Laughter, people look at this. In different worlds apart, back to now, we will ask the cinema environment, service, reputation, aspects and so on. Now most people usually work pressure, which are expected to have relaxed and comfortable, but smart merchants in order to meet the demand of people, that is on the chair don't out of the heart, the ordinary wooden stools, comfortable, beautiful, fashionable and romantic. So professional cinema chair. The cinema chair it looks fashion and easy, not only practice but also has exquisite, it joined the human body engineering, also called human engineering, ergonomics, human engineering or ergonomics, namely labor people, operation effect and efficiency of the regularity. Thus each chair can have its standard scale, of course in order to convenient we can watch movies and drink, so each cinema on both sides of the chair will have a special shelf, is to provide people with glass cup frame. Now the cinema just went to the people a kind of visual enjoyment. Is the child's laughter, the young of the communication. Of course, there are old people to explore TanFeng, feel the atmosphere of the fashion. Of course, that involve the auditorium chair of credit.
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