The installation of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-11
Auditorium chair is how to install, small make up detailed clarify about the auditorium chair process equipment. Auditorium chair equipment process 1, auditorium chair cushion equipment auditorium chair cushion using M6 * 25 mm and M8 * 20 mm screw put seat in the center of the two armrest box. 2, equipment bracket with aluminum and aluminum bracket and guard plate using M8 * 12 mm screws nailed aluminum bracket device in the right armrest box on the nail, then insert two armrest frame's guard. 3, equipment tablet and armrest tablet and armrest, the right hand frame: using M6 * 25 mm screw in the moon, then use the M4 * 10 mm flat head tapping screw fixed plate and the tablet: the moon then use M410mm countersunk head tapping equipment armrest in the hinge. , left hand box: using M6 * 35 mm screws (after the armrest hole Not too tight, also should not be too big gap) And then using the M6 * 350 mm steel bar fixed hole through which help box in front of the armrest, under the help box using M6 screw fixation. 4, equipment back cohesion and the back of a chair back cohesion and back using the M6 * 14 mm screw back cohesion chute fixed in a specific position of the support frame, then use the M5 * 25 mm screw on the back of a chair. 5, equipment auditorium chair molded case auditorium chair molded case using M5 * 25 mm and the M5 * 55 mm tapping screw put plastic shell on the back of a chair, and then cover the cap. ( The above 2 5 * 25 mm, the following two 5 * 55 mm) 6, adjust the auditorium chair standard criteria and debugging, testing and debugging and adjusting the auditorium chair auditorium chair standard and modification, check to see if all the fastening. , using M8 * 55 mm screw in the foot covering and fixed on the ground, and then cover the cap.
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