The functions and characteristics of the auditorium chairs, and the design of the key

by:HONGJI     2020-11-12
The auditorium chair is usually used in large conference room, hall, school or government large opera house and operan. Most of which consists of seat, back of the chair, armrest and feet. In general, standing and armrest combine together to form a solid installation armrest, usually wood or plastic steel structure. The auditorium chair writing board: specially designed for meeting or lecture with a chair in the attachment. Take notes in meetings or class, put files and books, is very convenient. There are usually two types: Ming and hidden. The auditorium chair cup: is divided into two armrest outside the cup and cup. Armrest crossover vehicle is mainly used for cinema and often need to use. Most armrest cup design as an integrated structure. External crossover vehicle is mainly used for meetings, classrooms and other places, can be used when necessary. External cup has two kinds: cup before and after the cup. The auditorium chair (: also meeting chair dedicated accessories. The auditorium chair plate: there are two kinds of commonly used plate, a hit plate, the second is called line plate, plate said every row of seats, said the order of the rows of line number. The auditorium chair activities horse and horse: do not allow the fixed installation or on the ground need to frequently change position of the place, need to stand or activities feet seat. The auditorium chair design conceptualization stage is the overall design concept and purpose, is to ensure that the premise of specific design smoothly in the future. The auditorium chair design conceptualization process involves the function of the chair, structure, material and shape, etc. What kind of design for the 'should be used? 'In the conceptual phase, we should make a general explanation to these questions, take such a shape or structure, for example,' why do we use these materials to produce '. The conceptualization of the auditorium chair design should fully reflect the designer's ideas and values, the designer's creativity. Therefore, it should not be the opinions of others, and should be a stylist. I think. In the specific stage, according to the design scheme, set by the conceptualization stage to solve the problems such as structure, function, beautiful furniture, to create the basic shape of furniture. At this stage, draw many sketches, drawings, models, selected materials, discusses the detail such as the structure of the auditorium chair, and probes into the auditorium chair design. The specific stage of design is the process of creating the product shape. Simply put, is to make the shape of the shape of the chair design and demonstration. The auditorium chair design is the key to want to notice to conform to the overall appearance and the structure of the core. The appearance of the product, the shape of the seat and stable structure, not only to reflect the designer's elaborate design, but also to achieve people's comfort requirements. This is the focus of the furniture design.
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