The functions and characteristics of the auditorium chairs, and the design of the key

by:HONGJI     2020-10-31
Auditorium chair is usually used in large conference room, hall, school or government large-scale song and dance theatre, most by the seat of the chair, armrest and stand feet four parts, usually stand feet and blends into handrail firmly installed armrest frame, general steel structure or steel model structure. Let the auditorium chair manufacturer with all of you to introduce what are the functions and characteristics of the auditorium chair, auditorium chair tablet: is specially designed for meeting or lecture using seat accessories, facilitate the meeting or to take notes in class and put the file books, etc. , generally has two kinds of surface mounted and hidden. The auditorium chair stand: is divided in two types: the armrest beverage holder and a stand outside. Armrest crossover vehicle is mainly used for the cinema and it is often necessary to use the site, the armrest of most cup frame designs and an integrated structure. Mounted outside the beverage holder for more meetings, classrooms and other places, only used when necessary, mounted outside the beverage holder has two kinds of beverage holder before and after the beverage holder. The auditorium chair (: also meeting chair dedicated accessories. Auditorium chair number: there are two kinds of commonly used number, called a seat token, the second is called line plate, seat card said seat number in every blouses broomrape, line plate row order. Auditorium chair feet and horse: do not allow the fixed installation or on the ground need to change the location of the place, often need to adopt activities feet or add feet seat. Auditorium chair design conceptualization stage is the overall design concept and objective, is to ensure that specific design on the premise of smoothly in the future, to set the auditorium chair design conceptualization process, involving functional chair, structure and material and shape, for 'why should adopt a design that shape or structure', 'why should use the material production', etc. , all want to make a general description of conceptual stage, the auditorium chair design conceptualization to fully reflect the designer's ideas and values, play to their creativity, so it should not be the opinions of others, and should be a stylist their ideas. According to the specific stage set in the conceptual phase of design, solve the structure of furniture, function and aesthetic problems and to create the basic shape, at this stage to draw many sketches, drawings, make model, also select material, discuss the structure of the auditorium chairs, and other details, such as the embodiment of the auditorium chair design stage is the process of creating the product shape, is simply to make modelling chair appearance design, and carries on the demonstration. The auditorium chair design is the key to focus on core architecture (in line with the overall look and Core) On the design of the appearance of the product, the modelling of the chair and the stability of the structure should reflect both the designer's exquisite design, and can realize the requirements of comfort, this is the focus of the design of furniture.
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