The design of auditorium chair unreasonable directly affect child development

by:HONGJI     2020-11-08
As we all know, now, the school seat are almost auditorium chair, cinema chair and ladder desks and chairs. The height of the chairs and tables do not match with the height of students, most of all grades of primary and secondary schools are all use the same kinds of desks and chairs, conference chairs, etc. , and mostly is the largest. There is no configuration, according to the height of students thus seriously affect the posture of students. Is this seat real sex differences. Usually desk drawer is about 10 centimeters high, but now the children of the thickness of the bag will be 15 to 20 cm, thus caused the bag can't completely in the drawer, it occupy the position of children seat, sitting in a chair the first half of the class. If the auditorium chairs, theater seats and student desks and chairs is not configured with the height of students, then the serious influence their physical development. Provoked the students sitting in class, constitute a crooked body or before explore body and other bad habits, then affects the shape, long a spinal twists and turns, humpback and other issues.
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