The design characteristics of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-07
Auditorium chair is suitable for the place such as cinema, hall, lecture hall, during the conference and performance should be a good field of vision, the seat should be easy to maintenance and cleaning, use comfortable, make the person is not easy to fatigue. In most cases, the use of similar sofa cushion, reversible and often use cushion structure to promote personnel evacuation in the wild. The auditorium chair should consider the number of seats and the local lighting in the dark, for users to identify and find a seat. According to the design requirements of design and site, the hall of seat pad and need to place files for recording. Special hall also need to consider and simultaneous translation equipment and vote, the combination of equipment of speaking; Some also need seat theatre or hall. Compatible with the air conditioning system. 1, auditorium chair armrest design: the auditorium chair armrest is the basic support of the seat, the seat of the main components are connected to the arm. 2, the structure of the armature metal framework: the armrest of skeleton, also is basically the auditorium chair support connector. 3, armrest: made of other materials, such as wood or plastic. 4, writing board mechanism: the auditorium chair armrest can be installed writing board mechanism, is used to record the meeting.
In the present growing world of emerging technology, the has demanding operation in various sectors like auditorium style seating, ovens auditorium seating, miller auditorium seating and many other industries at township auditorium seating levels of manufacturing and designing.
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