The daily maintenance of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-10
1, auditorium chair seat bag, office and other activities are suitable for regular lubrication some metal parts, to maintain the flexibility of the moving parts. 2, auditorium chair back of a chair, armrest and seat cleaner joint clearance. But when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use the brush. In order to prevent the light of the damage fabric drift, avoid causing yarn fracture gravitational tug, considered the small vacuum cleaner. 3, cross and maintenance, it is forbidden to use wet cloth hard acid, alkali chemical products in contact with the fabric, so as not to affect the auditorium chair surface quality and service life. If you open the drinks or fruit juice, the first water from the paper towels, clean, and use warm water to dissolve neutral detergent ( Pay attention to water penetration, prevent sponge control) And then with a soft cloth to wipe, finally under the low temperature drying. 4, if the auditorium chair in general use, soft and beautiful texture can be wiped gently, if the long-term use of dirty, the most ideal method is: use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1 - 3) Wipe the first, and then erase the emulsion with deep water cloth, finally dry cloth, brush after brushing their teeth the right amount of dry completely. Agent gun, brush. 5, woodiness material auditorium chair should avoid the surface damage caused by alcohol, chemical, and overheating. Don't put the natural color of the wood surface; Leather strong absorption, it is worth noting that the antifouling leather, leather material is special cleaning agent, powerful cleaning agents should be used. 6, metal material auditorium chair maintenance use soft cloth to wipe, avoid rough organic solvent ( Turpentine oil, oil removal) , wet cloth to wipe, this is the main cause of surface scratches and rust. Good dry cotton yarn or cloth to wipe and maintenance, lightweight and beautiful.
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