The composition of the auditorium chairs

by:HONGJI     2020-11-10
Guys go to the great hall, hall, or the cinema, to see how is together the auditorium chair, the design of these chairs have the very big difference with the usual household chair, spare parts also different, if damaged, must go to professional in-store purchase, will give everyone here small make up detail information about the auditorium chair parts, know more about down is very helpful for the changing parts.

the auditorium chair parts a package

the auditorium chairs are arranged in one line, basically every row spacing between each other is not very wide, so we can put the package design for folding, just need to seize the outer hard up, it will be away, to make room for people who walk. Auditorium chair package activities regularly, and is relatively easy bad, its spare parts mainly with plating, rotating mechanism and cushions, conversion should pay attention to when the choose and buy the same components as the overall and tonal, otherwise will be very bad.

the auditorium chairs 2 packages

on bag is mainly composed of two parts, one is the outer plate, the other is made of fabric material, pads, lining the back of a chair. Back broken usually replace at any time, rarely changing pads, the content such as inside lining plate, as long as the color doesn't change, comfortable soft, sitting for a long time meeting, comfortable will be very uncomfortable, there were not enough chairs outside board also need to choose strong strong, strong capacity of high quality products.

the auditorium chair armrest of three

the armrest is the basic support of the entire auditorium chair, chair are mainly components and rails together, armrest parts mainly with metal material structure and planks, some will be equipped with tablet institutions for easy record, type the whole chair metal material structure support fittings, so structure must be strong enough, to inherit the gravity oppression, not deformation, and helped plank is tonal for armrest.

the auditorium chair stand feet

the auditorium chair stand feet have some can be moved around, there are some is together with the armrest frame at any time, only you want to change can be changed even armrest frame. Auditorium chair spacing are very close to each other, knock down after is very easy to get sucked area, causing a chain reaction, is likely to be a fall is a large, basically will be fixed on the ground, so more security and stability, and for the fixed anchor bolt is also capable of changing one of the parts.
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