The basic structure and function of the auditorium chair armrest

by:HONGJI     2020-11-13
The auditorium chair armrest is the foundation of the whole chair seat piece, that is the seat of the main parts is the armrest. The structure of the armrest: metal frame: armrest frame, basically all lecture hall chair also the support of the connector. Help planks: timber wood and plastic and other materials, such as package: usually, fabrics, cushions, desk, rotating mechanism and outer panels. Fabric: general use top, velvet and fabrics such as car; Also have use leather, imitation leather fabrics, etc. Rubber cushion: PU ( Pu) Foam cotton, density of 40 ~ 60 kg/M3. : in different design, simple shelf structure USES the bent wood plywood, plastic board, adopting advanced spring metal machine, plastic inner shell, etc. Slewing mechanism: gravity recovery mechanism and spring back, gravity recovery simple structure, high reliability, maintenance, often qom sound deadening mat recovery time of conflict and noise back; Spring return mechanism of small volume, structure design of the soft, slow and inhibition of braking device recovery after exercise movement completely eliminate conflicts and noise; The French patent technology from Europe - — Pressure recovery has been introduced into China market, starter chair cushion to open the recovery without any interference in the process of people's voice, soft, elegant, safe, strong, and hidden units, is also the influence of the shape of the table is beautiful. Outside the design board, plastic or other materials, the main effect is to decorate and restore body connection.
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