The auditorium chair with the perfect combination of airport

by:HONGJI     2020-11-22
Auditorium chair is airport rest breakthrough solutions, directly reflects the demand of modern airport environment. All other seat systems include multiple installed on the two leg seat and a support beam length, this means that when the airport to the configuration space, they are usually faced with many seat compromise, including underused space, messy and not put in position, everything changed. The layout of the more complex over time. Auditorium chair is the first truly modular airport chair, it provides a flexibility of the overall system, and chose to immediately to adapt to the changing needs of standardized components at the airport. The unique properties of the product proved them is the patent of rapid reconfigurable product solutions. Auditorium seating system not only can be simply reconfiguring the length, but also can make weapons and relocation to the need to place the table. Prolong the service life of product, this not only reduces the cost for a long time, and to promote the environmental protection product procurement method. Auditorium seating system USES finite beam products, make continuous row number is not restricted, because all the legs and arms are evenly distributed, so the more effective and visual harmony. To run and the elimination of low load beam visual purity is also the key to improve airport terminal 'visual transparency'. Clear market leading seats make the auditorium chair convenient and easy to look around, make the security personnel to quickly find suspicious or unattended objects. Compared with the traditional terminal seat, this means that the faster the production speed, more environmental protection and more economic mode of transportation and less waste production. Must take seriously its corporate and social responsibility, to develop its products and operations, in order to limit its impact on the environment, and help ensure a sustainable future. The parts in every shape, surface, and finally are carefully designed, in order to avoid dust accumulation and accelerate clean. Cover an area of an area small, and put forward the chassis also means that it is easier to clean under and around. Although many airport seating products have already completed the paint or powder coating, it is easy to scratch and exposed metal below. With the passage of time, the auditorium chair of injection parts are coated with color, makes deep scratches less obvious. The auditorium chair not only satisfy the high requirements of the modern airport environment, beyond people's expectations, and has become a new standard of the airport seat design. Now, the customer has a truly reflect the pioneering and modernity and modern global portal and exciting product.
Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a auditorium style seating revit auditorium seating in place.
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