The auditorium chair style selection and maintenance methods

by:HONGJI     2020-10-27
Now many families and local buy auditorium chair to adjust the layout, increase capacity, so how should we choose the auditorium chair, we should be on how to maintain it? The appearance of the auditorium chairs, appearance, color and material should be with the living environment of the furniture and other decoration design style. According to business needs, you can choose to buy the auditorium chair and office chair, in general, country style is very popular, chair placemat USES pane cloth and small calico, with wooden frame. There are all kinds of table, can match all kinds of chair, have collection hobby customers can try to match different styles of chair, modern interior design style is more tolerant, can decorate of many or classic or fashion designer chairs. The be fond of according to you choose the right chair is a very happy thing. Everyone, if one thing in your mind, then your mood will be much better. The maintenance of auditorium chair has the following points: 1, dedust regularly, in general, because the material problem and storage problem, auditorium chair easy to dust, usually smoke vacuum once a week. 2, if you have large dirt, shall not use wet cloth to wipe, big water content with a small amount of water and clean textile special detergent to wipe. 3, if it is a removable cloth, we can clean once every three months to six months. 4, if the material is leather, should avoid long-term sunlight, avoid the use of sharp tools to touch, for easy to scratch. 5, when clean the auditorium chair, where it can wipe to clean with the brush.
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