The auditorium chair should pay attention to material damage

by:HONGJI     2020-11-05
Can't stop some people intentionally destroying the cinema facilities, dark provides a bold and destroy the bad guys. However, through the strict management and maintain the damaged equipment in a timely manner and according to the audience to choose the appropriate auditorium chairs, can minimize the damage rate. Of course, mainly for the adult audience to choose the auditorium chair and for young people choose the auditorium chair is very different. Auditorium chair material should pay attention to the damage for a theatre with these problems, with the following specifications of the auditorium chair province will help to reduce the damage. One, the choice of waxy surface steel or high strength plastic structure as the back of the chair, to withstand the shock or scratches, damage. Aluminum bar decoration for the seat on the back of a chair of edges provide further protection. Second, in order to avoid damage adornment chair armrest, should use hardwood or plastic armrest. Three, use strength of cast iron or other material to withstand normal pressure and rude behavior. Four, pay special attention to decorative fabric choice, of course, durable and solid quality of a material is very important, but also easy to clean. Pattern of the fabric is suitable for repairing. Patch more than plain fabric is not obvious. Avoid the use of loose material, because they are more likely to fluff. Five, considering the molding plastic polyurethane foam seat cushion can be firmly fixed on the spring, so can reduce observer seat creep damage, and is more comfortable than ordinary pad auditorium chair seat. Six, using automatic folding chairs, it is important hinge is in the position of the is not easy to remove.
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