The auditorium chair seen environmental protection?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-23
A few days ago in China and India dominated the earth turn green the sensation all over the international news, NASA released relevant data show that bag yesterday 20 years, the international is becoming more and more 'green'. Meanwhile, vegetation growth of one country in China alone accounted for bag yesterday 17 years global vegetation at least 25% of total amount. Abnormal visible in front of the environmental protection problem all international concern, but also physically active response to the environmental protection policy of our country. Now all over the country in response to the environmental protection call for, each size industrial brands in transition, seeking to produce green environmental protection product. Seat is the facilities in close contact with people, so called on the auditorium chair is not just about environmental problem countries is related to our health. Environmental planning auditorium chairs to fit human body engineering, satisfied people's function demand, scientific cutting redundant function, under the condition of normal and abnormal use are not adverse effects to the human body. Auspicious poly auditorium chair planning fit three 90 °, a central point principle, backpack tower height and depth of the package are fit the human body needs standards, selection of high-density fill stereotypes sponges, rises from users, no impact, natural rebound, no noise, really only produce the auditorium chair fit the human body structure. The auditorium chair of green environmental protection materials to follow the principle of green r 3 or 4 r, auspicious poly auditorium chair actively respond to a nation called on fruit from the source control, auditorium chair with environmental pollution-free materials to produce, from surface to internal filling sponge cloth choose environmental protection, high-end private data. , the material itself does not contain harmful substances, no pollution, no release harmful gas, realize all kinds of furniture materials, naturalization, solidifying, green.
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