The auditorium chair purchase requirements

by:HONGJI     2020-11-05
To buy desks and chairs in the auditorium chair measures for the processing of steel parts are the desks and chairs legs are made of steel, so steel into the back, to avoid rust, the surface is through treatment, with oil before coating, first must carry on the pickling oil removal, using the professional oil removal formula to remove oil on the surface of the steel. Sometimes placed too long also cannot completely avoid steel surface rust, and then to rust removal of steel processing. Through oil removal, rust removal of steel surface becomes very lubrication, after the completion of this step in order to avoid the desks and chairs out of the cleaning liquid steel in the air oxidation, demand for phosphating treatment immediately. Through the phosphating liquid processed steel was attached on the surface of a thin layer of phosphating film, can be very good to eliminate air to avoid oxidation of steel. A series of the process is finished. Then before the plastic powder spraying, must ensure that the steel surface is dry, no dust, the spraying of plastic powder is tightly attached to the steel surface. Even with a hammer is not easy to fall. Through strict processing produces the desks and chairs are generally can be used more than five years, plastic pink sticktite, does not rust. 3. Humanized planning has nothing, in class, the teacher only emphasizes the sitting position, generally not to tall table low high or low status. And student desks and chairs are generally not have feet, in fact, these have seriously affected the healthy growth, if the student desks and chairs in the planning according to the condition to make teenagers itself, not about teenagers life and study is a vile indeed. About student desks and chairs manufacturers for our products, really is her teeth. Let's day mission is to provide for the child of industrial environmental protection intelligent learning environment, to create the bright future of national and ethnic education results. Let this part of China's one hundred million children using cloud products. ( 1) Processing now some desks and chairs in planning, planning is not reasonable, such as: size, such as lower part of the desk space is narrow, stretch not open legs; The desk is too narrow to put books and stationery; Seat surface inclination Angle is too large, sit comfortable; Spacing between the seat is too small, not convenient payment and other issues. ( 2) Now deal with some of the desks and chairs can't be height adjustment problems ( 3) Treatment planning now, some colleges and universities desks and chairs single colour, modelling the mechanical problems ( 4) The man-machine engineering as far as possible to tackle the problem of desks and chairs in the man-machine cuts the waist, neck, shoulder, back to the human body damage. ( 5) Handle some desks and chairs waste not environmental protection material, is not good and inexpensive, economy applicable issue plastic desks and chairs requirements: raw material should be used in the original raw material: polyethylene or polypropylene. Product surface and internal tables, and children's fingers can touch the place there should be no burrs and sharp edges. Tables and chairs on balance, its maximum deviation should not exceed 2 mm. At the request of conjunction Q1095 rules. Chairs and tables after strength and durability experiment, combining with present loose parts are not allowed to. Parts are not allowed to split. Tables and chairs stability experiment requirement is tilting. Environmental requirements: ISO: 14001-2004. National mandatory safety certification ( The 3 c certification) 。 Wooden desks and chairs requirements: standard unit serial number inspection skill 1 mm warp degrees panel and the panel, diagonal length ( 700-1400) < = 22 mm panel flatness and face panel parts & lt; Neighborhood straight = 23 degrees ( Panel) The mm of side length & gt; Poor = 1000, the length of the edge & lt; Neighborhood straight = 34 degrees ( Panel) The mm of side length & gt; = 1000, length is poor & lt; Neighborhood straight = 35 degrees ( Framework) The mm of side length & gt; Poor = 1000, the length of the edge & lt; Neighborhood straight = 36 degrees ( Framework) The mm of side length & gt; = 1000, length is poor & lt; Seam = 37 mm all points seam & lt; Of = 28 mm foot stability & lt; = 29 drawer prolapse degree mm< = 2010 drawer wobble mm< Not use = 1511 bug eat by moth material - worm on erosion of wood, solid wood class data be insecticidal processing. Wood moisture content (12 %) - 8-16. Diameter does not exceed 12 mm17 wooden cosmetic requirements - dead section, holes, leather, resin canal, gum, formaldehyde emission should be repaired processing 18 mg/L< = 1. 5
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