The auditorium chair overall layout helps to improve the user experience

by:HONGJI     2020-11-10
The installation of auditorium chair is a certain technical work. Sweet chrysanthemum chair a complete set of engineering specifications, check whether the parts is complete from the scene of the components to install. Big parts including chairs, cushions, back of a chair, etc. , the widget is key installed. Screw conform to install the required size, the scene is wood or cement floor is also very important. Therefore, site installation and technology is a complex work. The installation of the auditorium seats should be paid attention to the following 1. Determine the field length and width of this is the most important basic data, determine the scene on the number of channels ( Straight and horizontal channel) And the reserved channel width ( Small channels generally about 120 cm, generally not less than 100 cm, the hall is about 180 cm, generally not less than 150 cm) 。 2. Calculate the number of chairs in a row through the site minus the retained in the total width of the channel width, data divided by the width of the chair, as an integer, that is the number of chairs in a row. Then, fine tuning is one of the most important, because chair width width divided by surgery is usually not the integer, surgery chair must take an integer, the number of remaining part added to the channel. Each unit (also: Joint holder) There should be a extra feet ( 8 cm) Each line, and several units must increase several 8 cm. Finally, according to customer needs and channel width, the number of chairs and channel width. 3. Are calculated lines of the auditorium seat front row standard width is 100 cm, but the minimum width is not less than 90 cm. Otherwise, the back writing board cannot be lowered. Keep the site minus the total length of channel width divided by 90 or 100 cm, then take an integer, the total number of rows. The total number of multiplication is the chair of the site. Especially it is important to note that if the site is a staircase, it should be 90 - 100 cm for the unit construction. 4. Positioning according to customer requirements and design requirements, combined with the actual situation, determine the specific requirements of the auditorium chair bit: ( 1) Arc alignment ( 2) Dislocation column ( 3) Regional ranking ( 4) Channels for auditorium chairs will follow certain rules. ( 1) Fixed chair may not be on the slope. ( 2) Cannot be arranged into a curved chair, nor arc or an arc arrangement. ( 3) Radius is not enough to decorate rows. ( 4) Channels generally is 1200 mm.
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