The auditorium chair of raw materials have?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-12
Our composed of several parts, by two feet, a package of a backpack, and back plate, and some are plastic auditorium chair has two some plastic shell and plate shell, we first from the auditorium chair stand feet for his raw material, the stand feet now some are steel plate, thickness in 1. 5毫米, 2. Between 0 mm, just some good manufacturers use is cold rolling steel, ordinary manufacturers use is hot rolled steel, but now the market is also growing auditorium chairs, aluminum alloy stand feet also that said, standing feet have aluminum alloy material. Second package, we introduce the auditorium chairs package includes two some one is a package box, sponge sponge big some manufacturers are take polyurethane foam chemical element, and this is a kind of thermal foaming technology, foam is very simple but is not the same as the raw material of sponge capital and softness is different, a package box, the market has two kinds, one kind is: this is some manufacturers, seats are using a wooden frame, because it is under the sponge cloth wrapped inside to save money is very convenient, and also does not have the dealer will really open a package is wooden frame is still the steel frame, some manufacturers auditorium chair offer to sell cheap is because on the sponge in the auditorium chair on the raw material of things so poor ability to sell the price. Let's introduce again. Plate and the backboard, auditorium chair plate material is to use the skin of the trees, some are bent wood veneer through high temperature and high pressure, and paste it outside the wood paint, - 15 mm in thickness 18 mm, between the raw material of the plate material and the back is the same as the bark of pressing, but the thickness of a little thinning in 10 mm - Between 12 mm, this is about the auditorium chair of the raw materials.
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