The auditorium chair novel design concept is the first choice for you

by:HONGJI     2020-11-13
The concept of auditorium chair and education have inseparable relationship, when education by master train an apprentice one-on-one mode, gradually to the one-to-many group in the process of education development, the teacher gradually by simple free train an apprentice to the more specialized, education has gradually formed an industry, in today's world, education is mentioned the height of an exception, education is the fundamental of the countries. In this case, the education facilities and education facilities and teaching AIDS for the auxiliary equipment is becoming more and more education workers and the attention of the relevant departments, and so on desks and chairs of kung fu. Student desks and chairs packaging design has a certain complexity and specialization, to really make the student has met the requirement of the packaging, must through the scientific design. 1, the application of auditorium chair assembling design train of thought. In order to achieve convenient transportation, auditorium chair of different size packing product packaging products use unified specification is complete, save the packaging cost, raise the utilization ratio of packing. In the design process should actively make assembly design concept into the auditorium chair in packaging design. Such as the use of small parts, packaging, by assembling to adapt to the packaging requirements of different types of student desks and chairs. 2, auditorium chair strengthening packaging sales performance. The auditorium chair packaging not only have the function of the protection, more have the function of promoting sales, namely product in student desks and chairs in the process of transportation, sales through modelling, decoration and other means to improve the product itself value and even the corporate image. Good packaging design can promote the auditorium chair products sales and beautify the role of the product. But in the auditorium chair many people ignore the packaging in packaging design promotion performance, rarely apply this concept to the student desks and chairs in packaging design.
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