The auditorium chair manufacturers need to consider when buying the auditorium chair many principles

by:HONGJI     2020-11-20
Auditorium chair manufacturer to consider when buying the auditorium chair many principles first, auditorium chair need to high-quality products, solid, solid parts should be strong, the surface must be smooth, no bubble, no crack, juncture is not strong and so on. 2. The auditorium chair not expendable. When buy, we should adhere to the principle of 'do not abuse'. Must be used according to need to purchase, must be in harmony with the company culture and space decoration. 3. According to the design requirements of design and site, need to set file auditorium chair and writing board for record. Special hall also need to consider the simultaneous translation equipment and vote, voice equipment, also need some theatre or hall seats and air conditioning systems. Many principles should consider when buy the cinema chair first, most of the cinema seats is composed of four parts: the seat, back of a chair, armrest and stand feet. Under normal circumstances, stand feet and arms to form a solid installation armrest frame, usually consists of a steel structure or steel model structure. 2. The cinema chair is suitable for the hall, theatre, auditorium, theater, etc. , in the conference and performance should be with good visual effect. The cinema chair should be easy to maintenance and cleaning. They should be comfortable to use, makes people less fatigue. 3. Design features of the cinema seats are mainly in the form of sofa cushions. For the convenience of rest during the evacuation, can flip seat cushion. The cinema seats should take into account the number of seats and the local lighting in the dark, to identify and find a seat.
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