The auditorium chair manufacturer production auditorium chair optional installation accessories

by:HONGJI     2020-11-18
Auditorium seats stand feet more divided into single foot landing ( Single leg landing) And armrest standing foot landing ( Stand feet directly associated with the armrest frame) Two kinds. Hob, aluminium alloy and steel are relative to the two station foot aluminum alloy is more advanced and progressive, single leg landing seat standing foot support, the center of the seat in addition to its beautiful, also facilitate the use of chair foot other device connected with the environment, such as air vents, power supply interface, etc. As a result of the single leg connection method is relatively complex, single leg agency cost increased accordingly. Armrest stand feet ground method, solid, reliable, convenient and fixed device, combined with standing JiaoXiang armrest, brief structure. Stand feet is the warp and woof of the auditorium chair support, usually with anchor bolt directly fixed on the ground. On the ground do not allow the fixtures or need to change position often, or add activities to choose activities the feet seat. Activity feet in the form of three types: type A foot: put on the ground, A height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Type B activity foot: put on the ground, have a height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Universal tripod: the auditorium chair directly fixtures on the activity of foot, foot rack is equipped with four elevator universal wheel, universal wheel, foot rise, along with the seat can mobile convenience, universal wheel is raised, the foot bottom fell on the ground, make the seat flat on the ground, do not move. Auditorium chair manufacturers auditorium chair optional equipment accessories: tablet tablet is designed for meeting or lecture seat and planning of attachments, facilitate the meeting or to take notes in class and put the file books, etc. Generally speaking, there are bright and hidden type two kinds. Beverage holder stand divided into handrail beverage holder and a crossover vehicle outside two kinds, armrest crossover vehicle is mainly used for cinema and often necessary to use the site. Most of the armrest crossover vehicle designed and an integrated structure. Mounted outside the beverage holder for meetings, classrooms and other places, only when it is necessary to use. Mounted outside the beverage holder has two kinds of beverage holder before and after the beverage holder. ((is also meeting with chair of special accessories. Number of commonly used number have two, one, called seat brand, the second is called line plate. Seat brand show that number of seats in each row put, line plate indicates that the order of the row.
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