The auditorium chair manufacturer production auditorium chair bag parameters and characteristics

by:HONGJI     2020-11-18
Hall chair manufacturer produces the auditorium chair seat package parameters and characteristics: general by fabrics, cushions, shelves, scroll of organization and plating. Fabric: general use fabrics such as hemp flocking, velvet, or cars; Also some choose leather, imitation leather fabrics, etc. Rubber cushion: with PU ( Pu) Made from foam, density of 40 ~ 60 kg/M3 is suitable. Include: on the basis of planning, a brief structure selection of bent wood plate, plastic board, advanced seat selection spring metal frame, plastic inner shell, etc. Scroll tissue: into the gravitational response and spring back, gravity reliable reply brief, without protection, often equipped with rubber clattering sound deadening mat to eliminate reply and noise; Choose spring recovery can make the response organization are smaller, flexible structure planning, combined with reply after damping device can make the motion control, motion become slow, completely eliminate the impact and noise; The other European patent technology from France - — Pneumatic reply has been introduced to China market, the initiating device makes the chair cushion in the process of opening and reply not announce any disturbing noise, lightsome, elegant, safe, strong, and the hidden unit, no seat appearance is beautiful. Plate: on the basis of planning need can choose wood, plastic or other materials, the primary role is to decorate and group cohesion and reply. Auditorium chair manufacturer produces the auditorium seats stand feet what are the characteristics? Auditorium seats stand feet more divided into single foot landing ( Single leg landing) And armrest standing foot landing ( Stand feet directly associated with the armrest frame) Two kinds. Hob, aluminium alloy and steel are relative to the two station foot aluminum alloy is more advanced and progressive, single leg landing seat standing foot support, the center of the seat in addition to its beautiful, also facilitate the use of chair foot other facilities are connected with the environment, such as air vents, power supply interface, etc. Because single leg cohesion method relatively clutter, single leg organization cost increased accordingly. Armrest stand feet ground method, solid, reliable, convenient fixed and device, combined with standing JiaoXiang armrest, brief structure. Stand feet is the foundation of the auditorium chair support, usually with anchor bolt directly fixed on the ground. On the ground do not allow the fixtures or need to change the location of the place, very often need to choose activities feet or add feet seat. Activity feet in the form of three types: type A foot: put on the ground, A height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Type B activity foot: put on the ground, have a height adjustable shackles, can be made of artificial lift. Universal tripod: the auditorium chair directly fixtures on the activity of foot, foot rack is equipped with four elevator universal wheel, universal wheel operations, horse, together with the seat can mobile convenience, universal wheel is raised, the foot bottom fell on the ground, make the seat flat on the ground, do not move.
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