The auditorium chair maintenance method

by:HONGJI     2020-11-01
1. Metal mass auditorium chair clean has exquisite. Metal materials and maintenance can be used soft towel to clean, but avoid application is not smooth, solvent ( Such as turpentine oil, decontamination oil) Or wet cloth to clean, this class is causing surface scratches, rust first. Often with dry cotton fiber or the cloth to wipe brush, in order to keep the light and beautiful. 2. Combing with wooden auditorium chairs. Woodiness material should avoid to drink, chemicals or overheating block placed on the surface, to avoid the interference on the surface of the wood natural color; Leather absorption ability, attention should be paid to fight corrupt; Leather material should use special leather cleaner clean, do not use strong detergents. 3. Water wipe cloth auditorium chair, and then drying. General maintenance only need cleaning can gently clean soft fabrics, if want to comb caused by long-term application of grime, the ideal way is: the first application of water dilution of neutral detergent first cleaning, reoccupy dry white water towel to clean liquid, final reoccupy does cloth to polish, to be fully dry before applying the appropriate curing agent evenly clean can. 4. Soft cloth to wipe cotton auditorium chair, and then drying. Fabric maintenance forbidden used wet dishcloth, hard objects or chemicals touch fabrics such as acid, alkali, surface quality and time limit for the application to avoid interference. If stick on drinks, fruit juices, can use first handkerchief paper towels absorb moisture, then dissolves neuter washing with warm water cleaning, and then apply a clean soft cloth to wipe, finally the low temperature drying. The auditorium chair suction machine applies to all materials. Gap at the junction of back, armrest and seat available vacuum cleaners clean up the clutter. But when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of damage to the textile cloth woven wire cloth and made loose, more to avoid extra large suction to suck, the move may cause knit line is broken, it's ok to consider with a small vacuum cleaner to clean up.
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